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Upcoming Workshops

We have an exciting lineup of workshops scheduled in the next few months! Karen Olson, our guest artist from Feb 19-April 22, will teach four workshops at the gallery in Feb and March on photography, printing on fine art paper, paper making, and paper sculpture. Check out her beautiful website 


to read more and to register for the workshops. You won't want to miss these!

We also have a two-part ekphrastic poetry writing workshop and a poetry reading scheduled for April, National Poetry Month, taught by Judy Kaber, former Belfast Poet Laureate. More on this later.

Karen Olson
Using photography as a tool for mindful connection
Photography is a wonderful tool for connecting mindfully in nature.    Learning to shoot in manual mode allows you to be fully artistic in your process. It enables us to see in a completely different way. Focusing in through the viewfinder, adjusting light and darkness according to our mood and the aesthetic of the scene, helps us to make new connections in our brain. We learn to see things from different perspectives. It encourages us to narrow our focus and our thoughts.

In this class, you will discover a beneficial mindset when approaching photography. An overview of types of cameras and lenses will be discussed. You will discover that shooting in manual mode is not rocket science and why you would want to do so. A short slide show will describe the various effects of using depth of field and methods for creating ethereal imagery.

Phototgraphy_Social Posts_Local Color_Instagram post.jpg

 The class will engage in practice using still life photography in the gallery and intimate landscapes in field if weather permits.

Printing digitally on oriental papers
Photo transfers and alternative coatings for handmade paper
Printing_Social Posts_Local Color.jpg
Printing on fine art paper yields a particularly delicate and beautiful image. It has a quality that mimics the experience we have when connecting with nature. This is especially so with translucent Japanese and Korean papers. Experimenting with these unique materials gives an ethereal look to images and makes the artwork sing.
In this class we will discuss and view a wide variety of fine art Japanese and Korean papers and how they are made. An understanding of gsm, weight, translucency, and texture will be utilized. Students will learn how prepare digital files and the steps necessary to print digitally on uncoated fine art paper.
A photo transfer process using handmade paper will be demonstrated. Resources for purchasing materials will be provided. Students may provide an image they would like to print in class.
Introduction to papermaking in a home studio

Hand papermaking is a process that can support many other mediums or be a work of art on its own. The process is an enjoyable and restorative way to connect with nature. Papermaking can be a simple or complex as you would like to make it. Truly a medium with endless possibilities!

Students can expect to learn the fundamentals of papermaking in a home setting. You will gain an understanding of the tools required and the materials necessary to make a variety of papers. Readily available materials such as recycled packaging and locally sourced plant fibers as well more specialized fibers will be explored. The method you will learn is accessible and adaptable for the home studio.

A $15 materials fee is included in the price of the workshop.

Papermaking_Social Posts_Local Color_Instagram post.jpg
Techniques and methods for creating paper sculpture
Social Posts_Local Color_Instagram post.jpg

When we work sculpturally, we gain a profound understanding of how perspective can transform and shift in response to the interplay of light and the angle from which we observe our creations. This powerful fact serves as a metaphor for the intricacies and ever-changing nature of life itself. By skillfully manipulating various elements and incorporating them into a multi-dimensional layered sculpture, we are able to effectively convey the intricate and multifaceted layers that constitute our unique life experiences.

In this class, students will learn a variety of methods to strengthen and sculpt paper. Ancient oriental practices will be discussed and demonstrated as well as innovative techniques with natural materials.  A variety of alternatives for armature will be shown. A collection of mixed papers and fibers will be available for you to

create your own artwork in class.  Please feel free to bring you own prints, elements, or artworks you would like to incorporate in your sculpture. A $15 materials fee is included in the price of the workshop.

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